Grace Sheese

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After years of clinging to the idea that I can’t draw, I’ve finally decided to let it go. The spindly mushrooms at the back of this plate is the first step. What fear have you let go of lately?
Back of a plate for the plate show at @mudfire. 
#wip, #clouds
Reunion with studio = release of long held breath. 
#wip, #happiness
Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how carefully you pack. 
#mugshotmonday, #cuptheintimateobjectx
Dear neglected #studio,
I know it’s been 3 weeks. We’ll be #bff’s again next week. Promise.
xoxo, me
Undergrad senior thesis show. The lines of ants were, ahem , totally part of the show.
In the zone. 
#wip, #kidsandart
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