Grace Sheese

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Oh carrots!
#lovetoglaze, #wip
This cup was made by a friend that I haven’t seen in over a decade. Yet, a small part of her is still with me - this is what handmade pots is all about.
Can you spot all the handmade pots? Hint: there’s three.
First pots!
#throwingclass (at McLean county arts center)
Dear Cracks, 
You make me so very, very, very cranky. Please go away.
Remember these mushrooms on the left? Amazing what a bit of color can do.
Sometimes, university ceramic sales have the best treasures. @dougtrystolearn
It’s funny how letting go will clear the path to new possibilities. It took releasing my fear of drawing for me to realize how much I enjoy it. Now I can’t stop drawing on my pots. Have you opened yourself to new possibilities lately?